Stacker Reclaimer

A stacker reclaimer is a large and efficient machine used in bulk material handling applications in modern industries. At present, stacker reclaimers have been widely applied to stacking and reclaiming applications in ports, wharfs, steel plants, coking plants, coal storage plants, power plants, metallurgical plants, cement plants, and other bulk materials storage yards. A stacker reclaimer can be equipped with front loader, ship loader, shipunloaders, belt conveyors, and more equipment to form a complete transportation system in a storage plant.

Our stacker reclaimer is a bridge bucket-wheel stacker reclaimer. It could work both as a stacker and as a reclaimer. When it is used as a stacker, the bulk material is transported to the belt conveyor on the bridge by a conveyor via a tail car. Then, the material is unloaded to the storage yard from the front end of the bridge. The material is then formed in a tidy ladder-shaped stack.

When it functions as a reclaimer, it reclaims the material by the rotation of the bucket wheel. The bulk material is first unloaded to the inverted belt conveyor on the bridge via the loading board. Then, the material is unloaded to the belt conveyor in the yard via the funnel, which is under the machine center. The material is completely reclaimed with the bucket-wheel by the machine operation, the rotation and the pitch of the bridge.