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Tecgates Engineering Consortium achieves 1 Million Safe Man Hours Without LTI in Tanjung Bin project

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

February 26, 2019 – In a milestone event today, the consortium comprising of Tecgates Engineering, HSL and Gema Antara , celebrated the achievement of clocking 1 Million Safe Man Hours Without Loss Time Injury (LTI) together with the project owner, Malakoff.

The consortium is responsible for the complete EPCC works for the New Coal Unloading Jetty (NCUJ) in the Tanjung Bin Power Plant owned by Malakoff. Tecgates Engineering was the consortium partner in charge of the EPCC of 2 HXME grab-type ship unloaders, modification of existing belt conveyors and related works.

Every project is fraught with safety challenges and for heavy machinery and civil engineering projects of this nature, the industry standard for Loss Time Injuries is 13 incidents. In our NCUJ project, the consortium together with our client, was able to achieve a zero LTI rate after clocking 1 million manhours of work.

Last year in May, for the same project, the construction of the NCUJ was awarded 5 Stars for Safety and Health Assessment System in Construction (SHASSIC) rating by scoring 85% for an assessment on the level of health and safety in security. This was based on CIS (Construction Industry Standard) 10:2008 carried out by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) representatives at the project site on 9 and 10 April 2018. The SHASSIC 5-star rating is rarely given in the construction industry and this signifies a high level of compliance with safety and health regulations at a work site.

The consortium and the client have both contributed immensely towards this world-class achievement and our involvement in this memorable milestone is an honor for Tecgates Engineering.



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